Testimonials from Parents & Advocates

“We owe MANY thanks to your calm, cool, collected leadership. I could not be in the position that I have grown into and moved forward from my grief without you.”
~Alienated Parent and Parental Alienation Education Advocate~

“Many, many years ago you gave me the support I needed to keep going in all areas.  You saved my life when no one else was there due to parental alienation.  I’m recently reunited with my now adult kids.  My daughter says I’m the strongest person she knows because of what they put me through.  I’m still here.  That would not be so without you.”
~Former Alienated Parent~

“You have helped and given hope to probably millions of people. You are the first person I refer people to when they need information. The world knows your name and knows you’re a strong leader in this war on parental alienation. You were the first person I came into contact with that showed me what alienation was and what to do and not to do.”
~Alienated Parent~

“I’m so very thankful for your support group.  It has been a much needed comfort and help.  God bless you.”
~Alienated Parent~

“Wendy is a knowledge trustworthy individual who truly cares about people and the best interest of children.”
~Tim Nease, Parental Alienation Education Advocate~

“Wendy has provided wise, astute, specific strategizing in my own journey with parental alienation dynamics. Her generosity and compassion, rooted in her own experience and research, was such a comfort. She is an advocate for each child and teen, calling for a constructive relationship with both parents. Thank you, Wendy!”
~Heidi Miller, Parental Alienation Education Advocate~

“Wendy Perry is a living example of how a person can use their own pain to help others and make the world a better place. I refer all of my clients who are undergoing the trauma of parental alienation to her online support group. I still don’t think Wendy has a clue as to how many people she has helped and inspired. She is an important authority on the phenomenon of parental alienation and a tireless advocate. Forever grateful to you, Wendy!”
~Susan Keckler, Family Law Attorney and Parental Alienation Education Advocate~

“Wendy is very passionate about Parental Alienation having experienced the heartbreak & injustice of it herself. Her knowledge & wisdom on the subject will be of great assistance to many parents & grandparents. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for families suffering through this. It is wonderful to have an expert available for advice & support.”
~Stacie Collins, Lifelong Friend of Wendy Perry and Close Personal Witness To Parental Alienation~

“Wendy is an amazing person. She is dedicated to American families and ensuring the best options for their children. She has a heart of gold, and though it can truly take a toll, she pushes through on her dedication to the cause of stopping Parent Alienation!”
~Debbie Pomeroy Cloud, Parental Alienation Education Advocate~

“Wendy has wealth of knowledge and experience related to this very difficult subject. Her compassion and desire to help is very obvious; once you have the chance to talk to her.”
~Mike Stasiak, Parental Alienation Education Advocate and Target Parent~

“Wendy’s heart is with those parents who have been alienated from their childred. Her heart is so big, full of love and compassion!! Wendy has educated herself beyond measure in the field of Parent Alienation that between her genuine love and care she also has a wealth of knowledge to share!! Wendy is an amazing person and speaker and I encourage anyone interested in contacting Wendy, do so sooner than later!!! She has been healed from her horrific experiences and will give you her heart and soul in support for you!!!”
~Missy Bucher, Lifelong Friend of Wendy Perry and Close Personal Witness To Parental Alienation”

“Kind, compassionate speaker with a real heart for reuniting families and getting the message out concerning the tragedy of parental alienation!”
~Julie Shanks, Parental Alienation education Advocate”

“Wendy is an angel on earth walking among us. Through massive trauma she still rises above and fights for what’s right with a smile on her face. Your work is inspiring. ”
~Michael Allen, Parental Alienation Educate Advocate and Reunification Coach~

“Wendy Perry exemplifies true leadership. Her ability to walk into a room and shift the public’s perception of an issue is one of her many talents. Wendy has spent years bringing the issue of parental alienation to the public eye; she accomplished this successfully by utilizing love, kindness and respect. As a result of her hard work and dedication, she lead a small movement into a huge United front. Wendy possesses the ability to garner the respect of her colleagues with ease. Her connections to many of the worlds leading researchers and leaders within the parental alienation movement provides her with the unique advantage of having individuals to support her work with ease. Wendy organized a successful symposium in 2017 that changed the way many people viewed parental alienation. This symposium contained the works of not only Wendy, but also Dr. Craig Childress along with many other leaders. Her ability to put together this symposium speaks volumes about her leadership. On a personal level, I have known about Wendy for many years; I have had the pleasure of getting to know her personally for about two years. I first saw her interview on Divorce Corp many years ago; this show inspired me to help bring change to the very issue that has affected my life as well. Wendy always is smiling; she loves people, and you can see that in the way that she brings others together. Wendy took a terrible situation she was in and turned that adversity into an amazing movement. She is a natural leader and a natural speaker. She knows the concept behind narcissistic behavior and parental alienation like no other. I’m honored to call her my friend, and I’m even more honored to recommend her for any and all public speaking engagements, leader summits, symposiums, radio and TV shows (I have seen her do both with ease). Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.”
~Jenny Pipkin, Parental Alienation Education Advocate~

“Wendy has given so many broken hearted & confused parents insight into pathogenic parenting, in effort to identify & effectively combat the attachment impairment it causes the parent/child relationship, essential to the child’s healthy development. God bless Wendy for her passion & persistence!”
~Donna Sloan, Parental Alienation Education Advocate~

“Passionate to the core about the cause due to years of personal experience, integrity and trustworthy.”
Ulrike Essex, Personal Friend of Wendy Perry and Witness To Parental Alienation