Testimonial from Dr. Craig Childress

“Wendy Perry is a strong and powerful advocate for you and for your children. It was Wendy’s Parental Alienation Symposium in Dallas that represented the change in paradigm, the flip to the solution.  Building on that, one year later Wendy led our delegation to the American Psychological Association to deliver the Petition to the APA.

Wendy Perry was magnificent at the National Press Club in Washington DC.  She hit all the right points with directness and accuracy.  Wendy’s voice is clear and strong and a powerful voice for parents, children, and change.  She carries the voice of parents who have lost their beloved children. She’s advocated for change, and she’s now leading the change.

As media interest is generated at any level, I would routinely refer them to Wendy Perry for more information.”

~Dr. Craig Childress, Psy.D.~
Dr. Craig Childress and Wendy Perry
Dr. Craig Childress & Wendy Perry