Parental Alienation Think Tank

In the fall of 2015, friend and advocate Rod McCall, asked what I thought of the idea of having a “Parental Alienation Think Tank” to have a discussion with others about the content of his upcoming book “For The Love Of Eryk.”  I told him I thought it was a super idea.  He asked if I would help promote it and of course I said I would be happy to. 

We planned for a half-day gathering with an estimate of about 20 people attending to hear Rod speak. Imagine our surprise when we started receiving interest from people all over the country!  The small, local, half-day event that we envisioned turned into a full-day event attended by 100 people from across the US and featured a comprehensive and diverse panel of presenters! 

Every aspect of parental alienation, ranging from the psychological abuse to the issue of enforcement of court orders, was presented and discussed.


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