Parental Alienation Petition to the
American Psychological Association in Washington DC

In June 2018, Dr. Craig Childress asked friend and fellow advocate Rod McCall and myself to accompany him to Washington DC to deliver the “Petition To End The Pathology of Parental Alienation For All Children Everywhere” to the American Psychological Association (APA.)  What a great honor!  Dr. Childress gave me several duties for the trip. My duties were…

  1.  Be the liaison between “The Alliance To Solve Parental Alienation” and the APA.  It was my job to try to get the APA to schedule a face-to-face handing over of the petition.  I contacted the APA twice with no response.  I was successful on my 3rd attempt.  The handing over of the petition was not everything we had hoped for.  Instead of having an actual meeting with Dr. Childress, Rod and myself, the APA representatives ushered to a hallway between elevators as the “meeting area.”  However, we were given the opportunity to say what we wanted to say and to hand over the petition.
  2. Be the liaison between “The Alliance To Solve Parental Alienation” and the general public.  It was my job to connect with anyone who had interest in our Washington DC trip, especially people who wanted to show us their support and meet up with us in DC.  I loved this duty because I love to connect with others and bring people together.
  3. Be the coordinator and contact person for 3 social gatherings that we had during our Washington DC trip.  We had 3 evening “meet and greet” gatherings in DC and we had a tremendous turn out at every gathering.  It was great to hang out with everyone!  Thank you to everyone who joined us! It was truly special to see old friends and make new ones at the gatherings!
  4. To be the media contact for any media interested in our Washington DC trip.
  5. To make the opening and closing statements at “The Alliance To Solve Parental Alienation” press conference at the National Press Club.  This is a tremendous honor and most exciting!  Ginger Gentile, maker of the documentary Erasing Family recorded the press conference. Thank you to everyone who came to the press conference to show their support!
  6. To coordinate a closing gathering on the Capital steps.  This was the perfect way to end our history-making trip.
  7. In addition to the above, we also met with congressional representatives.

Again, I’m so grateful to everyone who supported our endeavors in Washington DC.  I’m incredibly thankful for Dr. Childress having such faith in me to do such important jobs!  It was truly an honor!  People came from all across the country to join us.  To see all of the photos from the trip, CLICK HERE.

“Wendy Perry’s statements are strong and direct, She carries your voice. If you generate any media interest, direct them to Wendy Perry for further information. This will be a good thing. As we were leaving the presentation of the Petition to the APA, I made it a point to tell the APA representative that I consider Wendy Perry, not me, as the contact person for the APA, and the representative acknowledged my statement. I am your conduit to the APA. Wendy is your representative. Your voice is the power.”

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857
(June 14, 2018, Facebook Post in Alliance To Solve Parental Alienation Facebook group)