Lawless America in Washington DC

In 2013, Wendy joined the Lawless America movement.  Wendy was interviewed for the Lawless America movie and was part of a large assembly that went to Washington DC to meet with congressional representatives and to speak at Capital Hill.

Here is a portion of Wendy’s speech at Capital Hill…

“Time for some audience participation.

I have a question for everyone sitting here tonight. How many of you sitting here tonight have a job where you have total immunity? Please raise your hand if you have a job where you have total immunity. Really? No one in this room has a job where they have total immunity?

We all have jobs where we must do the following…

1. Follow the law and rules
2. Do the right thing
3. Not harm anyone

Yet the people with the most important job in the world, family court judges, have total immunity and no accountability. They don’t have to follow the law, do the right thing, follow their canons of conduct, and are causing harm to our children and families.”

Wendy Archer at Capital Hill
(referring to the judicial misconduct common in family court cases)