Parental Alienation Support and Education

Is your child’s other parent trying to damage or destroy your relationship with your child?

Do you need support, encouragement and ideas for staying connected with your child?

Do you need someone to talk to who truly understands your struggles as a targeted or alienated parent?

Would you like to see co-parenting and parental alienation presentations in your community?

Does your attorney need help understanding or explaining parental alienation?

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Parental Alienation is the commonly used term for the act of one parent damaging or destroying a child’s relationship with their other parent through alienating behaviors.  Parental alienation is a form of abuse that affects more than 22,000,000 parents in the US and many more around the world.  Parental alienation causes depression, anxiety, self-harm behaviors, substance abuse issues, suicides, and murders;  making it a very urgent world health crisis.